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Misunderstandings and stigmas about mental health conditions continue to flourish in today’s world. It’s 2018, and long past time to change that. But how?

That’s where I come in.

My goal is to create content and copy that engages specific audiences — adults and college students living with mental health conditions, friends and family of people with mental health conditions, and so on.

I don’t write about mental health conditions I myself haven’t experienced.


I want to remain genuine and honest in my work and writing, and that means writing about what I know.

So, what if I don’t know something?

I consider myself to be resourceful and smart with my time. I will buckle down and learn whatever I need to in order to write accurate and well-researched work.

To help people and spark conversations about mental health — that’s what I strive to do. No one deserves to suffer alone.


Now, about Japan.

I love Japan. I’ve been learning Japanese, both in college and self-study, since 2011.

With the 2020 Olympics taking place in Tokyo, lots of people are wanting to learn more about Japan, whether it’s language, politics, or how to navigate the train system.

That’s where I come in.

I’m here to support blogs and companies helping others appreciate Japan.

I know these two niches make an odd pair, but I’m passionate and knowledgeable about both and will do my utmost best to share that passion and knowledge with you.


I was born and raised in Cobb, California. I love cats, books, and Japan. I have a B.A. in Japanese Studies from Willamette University and studied abroad in Kawagoe, Japan at Tokyo International University. During the rare instances when I’m not writing, I study Japanese, go kayaking, practice yoga, or read one of the 5+ books on my nightstand. I also write poetry and short fiction pieces on my side blog Cat and Moth Writings.

Check out my portfolio and blog, or just contact me!

I’m also on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

– Alyssa