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What Does Math Anxiety Look Like?

It’s that time of year again for gas-guzzling yellow buses, 3:00PM traffic, and TV commercials heavily relying on primary colors — back to school season.

While school can be exciting, there’s also a lot to be nervous about. The school day can be a battlefield for children with anxiety issues, and some kids might be dreading the new year because of a very specific anxiety — math.

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How an Anxiety Attack Sent Me Down a Better Path

Girl looking out window

It’s May of 2012, the end of my freshman year in college. I’m sitting at a small desk, staring down at my paper, gripping a pencil, having one of the worst anxiety attacks of my life. It’s my English 201 Close Reading final exam, but more than that, it’s my future.

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What Happens When People Tell Me Not to Worry

girl with hair in her face against white wall

As someone with a social anxiety disorder, I worry over everything. My mind is a hurricane that never dies, stirring up worries and fears, both old and new, major and trivial.

Will I pass this test? What if I don’t? Does my hair look weird? Is my posture bad? My posture’s bad, I better fix it, people are watching me. Why did I tell that person that thing three years ago? I shouldn’t smile, my teeth are yellow and gross. And on and on.

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