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The One Type of Person That Triggers My Anxiety

I’ve struggled with social anxiety all my life, but it wasn’t until I took a retail job that I figured out what kind of people make me especially anxious. I wrote an article about job hunting with anxiety and depression, but for most of us, the anxiety doesn’t end once you land a job. Working in a high-end boutique smack-dab in the heart of California wine country, I encountered people with all kinds of temperaments and different levels of social skills. After a few months, I came to the realization that one type of person always made me irritable and anxious, and that type?

Self-absorbed older women who constantly interrupt me.

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The Japanese Box Top

If your elementary school was anything like mine, you were probably encouraged by your teachers to bring in box tops. Box tops help raise funds for school supplies and other educational costs. They’re mostly found on cereal boxes (General Mills, ahem) but also on non-edible products as well. I don’t remember bringing many box tops to school, mostly because I was too engrossed in eating my bowl(s) of cereal to bother cutting them out.

Turns out, Japan also has something similar to the USA box top called the ベルマーク (Bellmark) or simply マーク. My partner told me how he used to cut them out and give them to his mom’s friends for their children to bring to school.

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I Tried Kyushu Instant Tonkotsu Ramen for the First Time

There’s a first time for everybody, and for me, it’s writing a cooking post. I’m usually too involved in the consumption of food to bother writing anything remotely like a post of said food. Now, however, I couldn’t resist.

My partner’s mother is Japanese, born and raised in Sasebo, Nagasaki. She recently returned from Japan with a bunch of edible goodies for us, including instant tonkotsu ramen.

Wait, instant tonkotsu ramen?!? (You’ll read why I was excited in a minute).

Meet Umaka-chan.

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