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My current services are blog and article writing.

The content I provide about Japan includes:

  • culture
  • language
  • politics
  • society
  • history
  • literature
  • current events
  • opinion pieces

But I do more than just write!

What You Can Expect

  • Research: I do thorough research and fact-checking to deliver the most up-to-date information for your audience.
  • Experience: I offer my own personal insights when applicable to spark conversations among specific communities.
  • Empathy: I place myself in the reader’s shoes and write from their perspective.
  • Punctuality: I hate being late. Projects will be finished early or on time.
  • Accessibility: I format my writing so people can easily understand and appreciate the content using high-quality image sourcing, SEO, and links.
  • Editing: I run all my writing through editing software and strive for perfect grammar and punctuation.
  • Translations: I provide Japanese-to-English translations when applicable or requested.
  • Promotion: If I have a byline, I’ll share the post with my personal and business social media following! 

My rates are set based on project scope, time and research involved, and word count.
Feel free to contact me for a quote or to pitch a rate. I’m open for negotiations and welcome any communications regarding rates.

Be sure to check out my portfolio and blog to get a feel for my writing and content!

Hope to hear from you soon!

– Alyssa

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