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A Message to People Who Are Staying In On Halloween

Girl with black hair and half-face of scary makeup

Hello, readers! It’s spooky season, and finally, today, the ultimate spooky day — Halloween.

Yet I haven’t felt the Halloween spirit much this year. Maybe it’s because I’m working so much. Maybe it’s because I’ve been really depressed this year and haven’t been in the mood for revelries. Whatever the reason, I’ll be spending Halloween alone this year.

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What Does Math Anxiety Look Like?

It’s that time of year again for gas-guzzling yellow buses, 3:00PM traffic, and TV commercials heavily relying on primary colors — back to school season.

While school can be exciting, there’s also a lot to be nervous about. The school day can be a battlefield for children with anxiety issues, and some kids might be dreading the new year because of a very specific anxiety — math.

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How an Anxiety Attack Sent Me Down a Better Path

Girl looking out window

It’s May of 2012, the end of my freshman year in college. I’m sitting at a small desk, staring down at my paper, gripping a pencil, having one of the worst anxiety attacks of my life. It’s my English 201 Close Reading final exam, but more than that, it’s my future.

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What Happens When People Tell Me Not to Worry

girl with hair in her face against white wall

As someone with a social anxiety disorder, I worry over everything. My mind is a hurricane that never dies, stirring up worries and fears, both old and new, major and trivial.

Will I pass this test? What if I don’t? Does my hair look weird? Is my posture bad? My posture’s bad, I better fix it, people are watching me. Why did I tell that person that thing three years ago? I shouldn’t smile, my teeth are yellow and gross. And on and on.

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